Troubletown. Good thing this is only 10 minutes. Ok it’s 17 minutes, 10 was the goal, but we’re on the ten side of seventeen, welcome welcome.


Hi! Everything you will experience here was made just now. This podcast is live. Welcome to a fluid journey of learning. Here’s how it is happening: Now we have a mic. Now we have a website. Now we have a slot (Sundays) and a studio (Michael’s house). Now we have a soundcloud. Google: “how to upload a podcast to soundcloud.” Genre? No explicit content so far as we know. Probably we should give a synopsis of what our intention is for the podcast. All that is in the first episode.

Probably at this point in the first post text we give a synopsis of what’s in the episode, how it went, some backstage items re: pros and cons of the learning process. The washer is on. The dog is eating an apple core. Guest-starring Michael’s roommate Haley, who was making tea, and texts from her mom.

None of this matters, life is pain, what’s happening? This will be so much fun. This is so much fun.

Now we should mention something about what we’ll follow up on next week: figure out how to record a person from a distance. Study Markdown cheatsheet. Learn how to upload an asset and make changes to a repository.

We post Sundays, right after recording. Oh my god. Oh my god!